Figg & Dates is a London-set comedy series, the brainchild of Funny Woman of the Year* Rachel Marwood. We sat down with Rachel to chat about making the show.

*Funny Women Comedy Shorts Award Winner 2015

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What inspired you to write Figg & Dates?

There's a lot of shows about women hitting 30 and counting down that biological clock. Desperately searching for a man as all of their friends buy houses and have babies. When I hit 30 that just wasn't the case at all. For me or any of my friends. My fierce, fabulous, independent, beautiful friends weren't desperate for a man, any man. They just wanted to find their person. That person you can be the most close to. And it hit me that those shows out there were out of date. That's not how we roll anymore. We'd be ok on our own, we'd be absolutely fine in fact. It would just be more fun with that dude who makes you laugh more than anyone you know.

Tell us about Jessica Figg and her place in the dating scene...

Jess is happy. She loves her job, has a brilliant group of friends and earns enough to be able to have a laugh and go on holiday occasionally. But, she's at a point now where she'd just love to share that with someone else. She knows who she is and what she wants and isn't happy to settle. She's seen the Woody Allen films and wants true love. Someone who makes her stomach flip. Someone who laughs at her jokes. Someone who's kind and and fabulous in bed. Too much to ask for? She thinks not. She's a good catch, it's just a matter of timing, right?

Why London?

Dating is different in big cities. In small towns you meet people with a similar kind of background to you with similar ambitions and probably someone who went to school with your cousin. In London and other huge cities, people are at different stages of their lives, from different countries, never mind different cities. It's hard to meet someone who is at that same point in time as you. And it's so bloody BIG!! There are so many options, sometimes it's like you're on a conveyer belt.

What can people take away from the series?

Relationships, dating, making connections with people and more commonly missing connections. These are universal things. Something everyone on earth understands. When I started writing Figg & Dates, my friends, even strangers I got chatting to about it were inundating me with their own stories. Too many to tell. All crazy and beautiful and sad and hilarious. I want people to see Jessica Figg and see a part of themselves. Or maybe they see themselves in one of the dates. These aren't bad guys, they're great... for someone. Just not for Jessica. I want people to feel like they're not alone navigating through this silly world.

Follow Jessica Figg on the wild rollercoaster of London dating by tuning into the series now, free to view.

Produced by creative media outfit Mann Bros., directed by Ben Mann*.

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*Director of the award-winning "(Not) Brothers" web series


From the very first conversation I had with Rachel about this series there was such a clear idea of Jess and the world around her - this was someone who just wanted to fit in and find herself in the world. Jess is all about connecting (on so many levels) with those around her - it’s the compatibility part that’s the problem. And what a treat it was to explore this - to see her try her best, take risks, fail miserably, embarrass herself, embarrass others, and in the process learn a whole lot about who she is.

Rachel graced us in her writing with such a vivid picture of the lives of young adults in London - friendships, work, love, the day to day, it was nothing short of a joy to be able to explore this through film. From page to screen it translated so beautifully with the energy and commitment that Rachel brought, her array of talent both on and off camera is immense and i’m very proud to call her my collaborator and friend.

Follow Jessica Figg on the wild rollercoaster of London dating by tuning into the series now, free to view.

WRITTEN BYRachel Marwood
MANN BROS. PRESENTS Figg & Dates Starring Rachel Marwood HAIR & MAKE-UP by Victoria Winfield Cinematography Oliver Mann MUSIC BY Slow Club EDITED BY Timothy Mann & Ben Mann Executive Producer David Fynn