S1: E1 - "Jonny Boy"

He's dream man material. It feels like they've known each other for years. A fairytale fairground...until they turn to head home.

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S1: E2 - "Gay As The Day"

Skipping down the street, prosecco in the park, an adorable dog. The perfect recipe for a great date. Almost.

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S1: E3 - "Bus Buddy"

What happens when you meet another guy on the way home from a disastrous date? You get your flirt on. That's what you do.

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S1: E4 - "Tennis Elbow"

Jess gets taken on a date way out of her comfort zone. Like way, outer space out.

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S1: E5 - "Me & Mr Jones"

When you're left alone at a wedding. A wedding where you know no one. And your date's grandmother keeps winking at you saying "You'll be next!"

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S1: E6 - "Meet The Parents"

At last - Jess finds herself a great match. And then he asks her to meet his parents. Oh god.

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S1: E7- "End Of Days"

It's not fun anymore. How long do you hang on for? Jess has to work out what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting be.

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WRITTEN BYRachel Marwood
MANN BROS. PRESENTS Figg & Dates Starring Rachel Marwood HAIR & MAKE-UP by Victoria Winfield Cinematography Oliver Mann MUSIC BY Slow Club EDITED BY Timothy Mann & Ben Mann Executive Producer David Fynn